Thursday, August 23, 2007


bmw m6
Japanese cars are my favorite. And let's face it, even the germans voted Subaru, Toyota and Honda before their own cars. If I'd buy a small car right now, I'd take Honda Civic or maybe Toyota Prius. If I'd buy a larger one I'd pick Toyota Camry or Honda Accord. But if I would have a lot of money to spend, I would take a BMW M6 or a Lexus. Hmmm.. hard choice. The BMW M6 has a sweet V10 engine with 500 HP at 7750 RPM. Amazing! But the price is higher than 100k EUR. I could find a Mitsubishi EVO X at half price with the same specs. So the M6 is very powerful, very good looking but too pricey.

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spenser said...

And now a few months later, you have the Audi R8 :)