Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bred Pitt

There are about 5.5 million google results for 'Brad Pitt' search and only about 200 000 fro 'Bred Pitt'. Well, what can this tell you? Obviously, the majority is right on spelling the famous actor's name as Brad, and I'm glad that the net is still usable for this sort of checking (english not being my mother tongue, i often rapid check some words' spelling in this manner, even though a dictionary is the best) and the intentional mistakes, the ones made from ignorance or just plain mistypes aren't dominating. Most of the 200 000 still point to the actor, however, and someone searching for 'Bred' wouldn't be contradicted at all, thus never would he be made aware of his mistake. This particular example is just one instance of whatever might be searched on the internet, what i really mean is that one could be looking for something he doesn't know too much about and so, ending with some false results, he might never get to know what he was looking for in the first place. It's a bit tricky, and the Bred Pitt case illustrates this if we look that on the first page results, there's a site about dogs, particularly pitbulls, pure bred pitts :) See the relevance? Actually, this might be the true answer to the search, but it isn't on the first position just because Google uses a smart approach and when someone's clicking a result it's counted as having a greater relevance towards the search than another one that hasn't been clicked, I think. So that would be an explanation for the Bred Pitt results that still lead to Brad Pitt related sites. My point, I'd really hate to see something made for efficiency go wrong, and in some time form now, no difference be made on the net from the actual truth and the errors that came to be around it.

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