Saturday, September 01, 2007


In the same "mistyping errors series", I was searching for some Gmail related info yesterday and mistakenly typed Gimail, so I got some interesting search results. Gimail is in fact another web based mail service, it stands for Global Internet Mail and is used by US military staff only. Gmail needs no further description, I don't think that anyone wouldn't recognize the famous Google Mail service...I wonder which one of these is more secure, as both need state of the art security for obvious reasons. No bad ideas here, I'm just curious :)

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Anonymous said...

Ana, GIMail is a "free" email service offered to Air Force members and dependents. It's not for official business, but is used to help families keep in touch when the service member is deployed overseas. The overseas distances often cause some ISPs to generate "delivery time out" messages after the messages bounce through alot of servers, and GIMail avoids that problem. Also, it has a "" extension, so it can be accessed from the military computers used for morale purposes while deployed, something that usually can't be done with the big ISPs.