Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Multiple browser tabs made me crazy

How many browser tabs do you have in this moment? Less than 10? I rarely have less. I usually start with the mail. But while the page loads I usually hit Ctrl+T and open some news site then maybe a forum. I start reading the email, and someone sends me a url, so I click open in a new tab, then in another email I need to check something with google so here comes another tab. I get back to the news site and find two or three news worth reading so there goes some more tabs. The same happens with the forum and then after I prepared around 15 tabs to read, I have to go somewhere. By the time I return, I have something else to do, so my 15 tabs remain unread. So what's so bad about this?

1) I start many things, I manage to finish very few.
2) Whenever I'm doing something else, like driving, there are moments when I feel bored about driving or whatever I do and I feel like I need a new tab, too bad the car or whatever I am doing does not have a Ctrl+T function.

So I think it's time to reprogram my way of operating a browser.

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