Monday, October 08, 2007

New Mitsubishi Lancer

I have always considered to buy a Lancer. It's not an expensive car, but it's a high quality Japanese car. I think Mitsubishi is #1 in offroad cars and this is confirmed by the rallys where they are always on top. So Lancer would be a good combination of city car but strong enough to resist some tough roads like in my country. The reason I did not buy a Lancer was the 30% taxes, because it was made outside EU. Even with these taxes it was cheaper and with more options than european cars, but you just don't feel comfortable when you have to pay so much just for some stupid taxes. Another good reason to take it, was that it's actually made in Japan, unlike many Japanese cars which are made in Turkey or even Eastern Europe.

Now I'm waiting for the new model to get released in Europe and maybe I will consider again to get a Lancer. Now the taxes are also much lower, so I have all the reasons.

It looks so cool, I can hardly wait to have it in the showroom to see how the inside feels and maybe to take a test drive.

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