Sunday, February 25, 2018

A New Generation of Blockchain: SEELE

Bitcoin is considered the v1 of Blockchains. Then Ethereum came with smart contracts and we advanced to v2. The v3 with improved scalability and advanced governance is still under development and it is represented by projects like Cardano, Lisk and Zilliqa.

But you can't stop technology from evolving, so we already have our first v4 under development: SEELE. It comes with Neural Consensus algorithm, Heterogeneous Forest, Computing sharing between on-chain and off-chain and it should be able to achieve millions of transactions per second.

Seele is getting faster as the number of nodes grows. The algorithm is inspired from the ideas of biological neural networks. Seele does not use miners, so no electricity or hardware working in vain.

Just like Ethereum and EOS, Seele uses a Virtual Machine to execute smart contracts. The Seele VM is more powerful and more customizable. Seele Blockchain is suitable for: IoT, social applications, blockchain games, E-government, Fintech, Healthcare.

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