Sunday, October 15, 2006

myspace proxy

There's a continous race between the blockers and the blocked, very seemingly to the one that takes place in the wild, between the hunter and the pray. At work, at school and sometimes even home - for the "lucky" ones that have parents with a harsher way of parenting - some myspace
users find themselves unable to access their accounts; the solution is well known by almost any of them : a web proxy! The real problem is a bit more complicated than this, as the blockers weren't born yesterday either, so soon the helpful proxy would be blocked. So the myspacer looks
for another proxy, which will eventually get blocked too...and so on. Neither of the two parts gets what they want: one has a problem in having a all times, full access to his account, one in maintaing his rule of forbidding that access. The only one who wins in this situation is, as
you can easily see, the proxy owner. Because some good this aren't for free... So if people want to surf unblocked, fast, anonymously etc. they must often pay....Until all are free, here's the myspace proxy of the week: