Monday, January 25, 2016

SCAM ALERT: Blue strawberries, climbing strawberries, blue roses

A few weeks ago I have ordered from Ebay some strawberry seeds. I wanted to get as many varieties as possible and while searching I noticed some guys offer blue or violet or even green strawberry seeds. I ordered a couple of those too, only to find out later that such things don't even exist and the pictures are made in Photoshop. Then I looked at reviews and I realised how many people got scammed the same way. Many gave positive reviews right away after receiving the seeds. Shame on all these sellers for what they are doing. You spend money plus time and resources to take care of something that has no chances to succeed. Shame on them and shame on me because I researched this only after the purchase. This works very well with ebay feedback because getting a fruit from seeds could take years, and you can no longer leave feedbacks after 60 days so these sellers keep 99%+ positives and appear very legit.

It's 100% SCAM. If you look on youtube there is no single video of real blue or climbing strawberries. Yeah, videos can be manipulated too, but not as easy as an image.