Wednesday, May 17, 2006

used reese hitch

Tom was forced to admit today he needs a new reese hitch for his Wolkswagen, as his old one finally gave in. The problem is not only he is short on money, but so am i these days, so he might end up buying a used reese hitch, even i advise against it. Usually, that is. I don't have so much experience with these technical/mechanical things, but i surely know an used object is less reliable than a new one. On the other hand, maybe if the quality of the reese hitch is good enough, it could overcome the fact that it's used, so it could be better than a new, low-quality one.

ford 24 foot motorhome

I saw an interesting announce today ( "Caravan International on Ford Transit chassis 1981 1993cc petrol. Aluminium CI body, 4/5 berth, shower/toilet, electric water pump, full cooker, 3W fridge, heater, dual battery, mains hook-up, fresh & waste water tanks, re-upholstered.Carefully restored in 2004. New brake calipers and cylinders, cambelt etc. MOT. Inspection welcome. Realistic price. More pics available. £1650" ), i'd really like to give it a try, although i only
have £1200 for this. I've always wanted a Ford Transit, and my
husband shares the same preference, but i have my doubts about it. We'll see... If it won't be this one, another 24 foot motorhome will wait for us out there, maybe at a higher price, tho. I won't
give up in this quest of finding the perfect motorhome for me and my family, which would give us the means of living the life of liberty we want.

Four Points by Sheraton Lexington (4points)

I wonder if u should choose Four Points by Sheraton Destin-Ft Walton Beach, in my next vacation's trip to Florida Panhandle.
I read a lot about it, it seems people love it (highly rated, very appreciated and all) and it does get all kind of awards lately, but i just think it's a tad boring; all the "nice oasis"stuff it's a bit stereotypic for my taste, but i don't think i can get more of such a "paradise" like idea of resort....whatever. At least i can plug my laptop there, and maybe , just maybe, i *could* ( hmmmm ) check out the pools there, hehe....and the drinks, yeah, mmmmmmm...I didn't understand where they got their name, though, i don't quite like it. What, 4 out of 5 points? Like that "11 euro" hotel, which, of course, didn't offer any rooms at 11 euro per night, gosh :P Much higher, much higer. Why the hell did they name it like
that, then? 4points, u say? or maybe the 4 points in mathematics: 3
that form a plane and 1 for whatever, u could draw a line that
intersects it. Or whatelse u want :P Ok, time to draw my wise conclusion for tonight-> my 4 points are (very original, huh?):
1. If i get the time, i'll go there
2. Can't be bothered to look for another hotel, this one seems fine
3. Maybe a cheaper one will do, tho?
4. Can't get my dog with me, that's bad :( They should understand we can't be separated , lol.

domain name appraisal scam?

Recently I get this kind of emails from some guy(s) who says he is interested in my domains:

I need a proof that our price is fair. I hope you understand the
importance of this question.

Usually, people who are selling names or web sites, provide buyers with appraisals. This is a common practice and I'm not going to change this rule because it's the best way to protect an investment.

I heard many appraisal companies often made inaccurate appraisals. So I cannot accept appraisal from each and every site. I will only accept appraisals from independent appraisal companies I know and trust.

Reading responses from experienced sellers I was impressed by one
reply: "Many Internet users are not smart enough and popular domain brokers are using this fact to make money. They offer them cheap appraisal services. But if their customers would have something in their heads they'd understand experts could not make a professional research for $15-$20. These appraisals are made by machines. Easy money for such appraisers as and several other major brokers that offer cheap auto-generated appraisals. In my eyes, all services under $60-$65 are not manual and the results are generated by special scripts. I don't trust auto-generated appraisals."

The same is true for GoDaddy and SEDO. Their services are not manual.
They are just collecting money using their well-known names.

Thank you for understanding. I'm looking forward to do business with you.

He probably has some appraisal sites and wants me to appraise the domains there, then he will not gonna buy them anymore.
If he was such a big domain investor, he should know which domains to buy and which not, without any kind of appraisals.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

SONY vaio VGN-FS315S and Geforce go 6400 problems

After getting a SONY VAIO VGN-FS315S with the following config:

Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.86GHz
LCD X-Black15,4 screen with 1280x800 resolution
1024 MB RAM
100 GB Hard drive
DVD-/+RW optical drive
NVIDIA GeForce Go 6400 (128 MB)
Realtek High Definition Audio Soudcard
Intel PRO/100 VE (wired network interface)
Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG (802.11b/g standards)

I installed Warcraft III Frozen Throne and after half hour of playing, I was getting errors like:

BCCode : 100000ea BCP1 : 855E9810 BCP2 : 843AC848 BCP4 : F7A57CB4
BCP4 : 00000001 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product : 768_1

among with the "System has recovered from a serious error" message.

The same thing was happening in Civilization 4.
In the benchmark and stress programs, all was fine, I was not getting any error. I was in the point of returning the laptop, but I have found one some forums something about new drivers and I gave one more chance.

I downloaded the NVIDIA Forceware 82.10 (x32) drivers from and things are much better now, almost no more crashes.

So it was definitely a video card problem, I assume some kind of overheating since it was happening only after some minutes of playing.