Thursday, December 13, 2007

How to be a scientist

Do you ever dream about being a scientist? Now you can be a scientist without any effort. You can attend to conferences and meetings.
I already am a scientist, check out one of my latest article here:

Wanna know how much effort and time I spent? Just check my article and you'll figure out.

A few interesting resources

  • - improve your typing skills

  • spambot trap - a good article on how to stop all kind of spam bots

  • IP geolocation - enter an IP and you will get some useful details about it including an accurate location on the map

  • slooh - control one of the most powerful world's telescope

  • dadadodo - generate random readable content

Spying on other websites stats

There are many web services who offer to track your websites stats such as: hits, referrers, geo tracking, browsers, keywords, etc. Some of them, like make this information public. Searching google for "Unique Visitors" will pop some interesting results to look into. This can actually help with your SEO skills. You take a website which uses extremetracking, check how they optimized it, check backlinks and then check keywords and visitors and see how well is it doing. Have fun!

AI chatting bot

Wanna have some fun chatting with a bot? Yeah, may sound stupid, but can be funny, check this out:

Fonts looking like crap in Linux?

A big problem with Linux it's the font rendering. At some point I was convinced that no matter what I do, the Linux font's will never look as good as in Windows. I have tried switching from KDE to gnome, changing browsers, distributions, nothing seemed to help until I found this website: Then my fonts in Linux look the same as in Windows. Ah, almost forgot, on Firefox I have also done some little adjustments in about:config .

Thursday, December 06, 2007

UFO X-COM: Terror from the Deep is going to happen

Take a look at these creatures, they are recently discovered but it seems like the guys who made X-COM 2, foreseen them. You can see more here.

Which part of brain are you using?

Check this nice left/right brain test.

If the world falls and you remain alive, can you start rebuilding?

Let's say something catastrophically happens and only you and a few other people remain alive. How useful will you be? Take this nice quiz.

Linux exploits and security

Are you a Linux user or do you maintain a Linux server? As time goes by, your kernel or some services may get exploited because bugs are always present in software, it's just a matter of time until they get discovered.
In the last years, the most research on linux kernel security has been done by Check it out and make sure you are not vulnerable to any of those exploits and advisories. Alternatively you can use grsec patch for better protection.
For a more wide variety of advisories for services such as httpd, sshd, ftpd, etc you should check packetstormsecurity.
Setup a firewall, try to keep your services as updated as possible and don't run unneeded daemons and you should be quite safe.