Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fonts looking like crap in Linux?

A big problem with Linux it's the font rendering. At some point I was convinced that no matter what I do, the Linux font's will never look as good as in Windows. I have tried switching from KDE to gnome, changing browsers, distributions, nothing seemed to help until I found this website: Then my fonts in Linux look the same as in Windows. Ah, almost forgot, on Firefox I have also done some little adjustments in about:config .


kozmcrae said...

I must be missing something or my brain is just different but after careful examination I find the Polished fonts more pleasing and the Sharp fonts kind of ratty looking, sort of like Windows 98. I use PCLinuxOS and all I have to do to get nice looking fonts, at least to my eye, is to adjust the anti aliasing a little. Without the anti aliasing the fonts look like Sharp fonts.

Ana Aman said...

depends on the monitor you use too, you're not using LCD, do you? because on LCD sharp usually looks better

kozmcrae said...

I use a Samsung SyncMaster 204B and I love it.