Friday, August 10, 2012

Cricket or Grasshopper? Stop the confusion!

Cricket definition
Insect having long antennae and, in the males, the ability to produce a chirping sound (stridulation) by rubbing together the leathery forewings. It's commonly found in pastures and meadows (field cricket) or on trees and shrubs (tree cricket). A cricket sounds like this.

Grasshopper definition
Herbivorous insect with the hind legs adapted for leaping and having chewing mouth parts, some species being highly destructive to vegetation. They also make easily heard noises by rubbing the hind femurs against the forewings or abdomen. Grasshoppers sound like this.

How to differentiate (this applies only to common species):
  • Most crickets are black or dark brown while most grasshoppers are green or light brown.
  • Field crickets have very limited jumping ability while grasshoppers can jump very high.
  • The crickets sound is very calming, like "cri-cri-cri".
  • The cricket head is round like a ball, the grasshopper head is somewhere between egg-shaped and triangular.
  • Most common cricket species cannot fly, while most of grasshoppers are pretty good flyers on short distances.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

How to recover Rovio admin password with Linux

  1. Turn off the Rovio
  2. Connect a computer using USB cable with the Rovio
  3. Turn on the Rovio
  4. Look at all devices with something like fdisk -l(you must be root) and locate the Rovio, something like /dev/sdb
  5. Don't try to mount or format it, instead use dd if=/dev/sdb of=/home/user/rovio.dump
  6. Use a hex file editor or simply do strings /home/user/rovio.dump and look at the last 20-30 lines, you should see all the information you need in clear text