Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Four Points by Sheraton Lexington (4points)

I wonder if u should choose Four Points by Sheraton Destin-Ft Walton Beach, in my next vacation's trip to Florida Panhandle.
I read a lot about it, it seems people love it (highly rated, very appreciated and all) and it does get all kind of awards lately, but i just think it's a tad boring; all the "nice oasis"stuff it's a bit stereotypic for my taste, but i don't think i can get more of such a "paradise" like idea of resort....whatever. At least i can plug my laptop there, and maybe , just maybe, i *could* ( hmmmm ) check out the pools there, hehe....and the drinks, yeah, mmmmmmm...I didn't understand where they got their name, though, i don't quite like it. What, 4 out of 5 points? Like that "11 euro" hotel, which, of course, didn't offer any rooms at 11 euro per night, gosh :P Much higher, much higer. Why the hell did they name it like
that, then? 4points, u say? or maybe the 4 points in mathematics: 3
that form a plane and 1 for whatever, u could draw a line that
intersects it. Or whatelse u want :P Ok, time to draw my wise conclusion for tonight-> my 4 points are (very original, huh?):
1. If i get the time, i'll go there
2. Can't be bothered to look for another hotel, this one seems fine
3. Maybe a cheaper one will do, tho?
4. Can't get my dog with me, that's bad :( They should understand we can't be separated , lol.

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