Saturday, February 03, 2007

What means Ederlezi?

Probably anyone listened to Goran Bregovic. There is a good song called "Ederlezi"(Ederleji). It seems to mean some kind of major holiday for Rroms. The return of the spring when Rroms celebrates and decorates their houses with flowers. Anyone know more details?


Anonymous said...

Check it in Wikipedia

Anonymous said...

I call myself ederlezi of last name... ederlezi I am the zigano name of the festivity of saint George in serbia

Anonymous said...

Ederlezi (which is known by the name Hidrellez in Turkey) is the festival to celebrate the returning of spring-summer in this region. In Turkey it is celebrated on the night of May 5, and people burn fires on the streets and jump over them. In some regions they write their wishes on a paper and throw to the sea, and if there is no sea, they bury it to the soil of a rose tree. There are some other celebration rituals as well. In my country, celebrating Ederlezi is more common in western parts, that is, regions closer to Balkans.