Tuesday, June 30, 2009

E-gold rejects identification documents

I am an E-gold user since many years.
It looked as a very stable system so I decided to keep most of my funds in the system, as a gold investment. Last year they had some troubles with the feds and changed their policy. They requested me to send some docs, I did and now when I login I get:

Photo ID permanently rejected.
Reason previous document was rejected: Refuse Service
Proof of Residence permanently rejected.
Reason previous document was rejected: Refuse Service

I asked for explanation, and they cited from the Terms of service that they reserve the right to reject any user for any reason.
I have no idea now how could I recover my money. It's sad, because I trusted both E-gold and Moneybookers and they both let me down. I was always suspicious about Paypal, but in many years, Paypal was the most stable and I had almost no problems with it.


Unknown said...

I have had the same problem. Do you know of any steps that can be taken to recover our money?
I am looking into this myself.
Stephen Walters

Claudia said...

I've had problems with a merchant that simply closed their business and never mailed me my items. I had paid for it with PayPal, and PayPal said that the transaction was fine and refused me to challenge it.
The merchant is gone (as well as my money), but PayPal is everywhere and that does not make me happy.

Buster Stronghart said...

This is astounding and very worrysome. How much money did you have invested at E-gold? Why can't you send them proper ID? Buster Stronghart.