Wednesday, July 11, 2012

E-gold claims process - Rust Consulting

So every couple of months, E-gold has news for us. On 5 July they announce:
The court approved Claims Administrator is Rust Consulting, Inc. Website:
After reading everything there, things are still not clear.
Basically they thrown a couple of .pdf files and a FAQ section where they didn't bother to use new line tags or lists, making it very hard to read. To summarize, they are sending notifications to the first group now:
Rust is in the process of sending notices to the first group of people whose accounts appear to the Government to contain funds that were criminally derived.
So it's good if you don't receive a notification yet. After you receive a notification you have to send a claim and an answer, then after who knows how many more years, they will send a check or electronic funds transfer.

Good luck!


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