Saturday, July 25, 2015

Top 5 automatic watches brands considering price and quality

After reading tons of online materials and testing over a hundred watches, I will summarize here a top of the best watches in terms of quality and price. Please be aware that the top will not include Chinese cheapies and it will not include snob watches.

  1. Seiko - By far, this is the winner. You can find on Amazon a brand new Seiko 5 for $56. They are reliable watches and you simply cannot get better quality for this money. 
  2. Orient - Plenty of models, good prices and decent movements. You can choose from sports or dressy designs and lately even military inspired. You can find nice and reliable models around $100.
  3. Tissot  - Most of their automatic models are using 2824-2 ETA movement. This movement has everything you need: manual winding option, hacking, excellent accuracy and fine tuning adjustments. However, the price is much higher than on any other brand discussed here, you'll need to spend around $500.
  4. Citizen - Their automatic watches come with Miyota movements. You simply cannot go wrong with these movements, there are people reporting 15+ years without any service and still going well.
  5. Vostok - Vostok has the Amphibia line, which to some people may appear rugged and old, but personally I like these watches very much. 200 meters water resistance comes as standard, nice plexiglass and very original appearance.

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