Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Educative and fun games you can play with your five years old child

Mini Market
Buy some new little figurines and sweets. Don't use something that your child is familiar with, because she might not be interested. "New" is the key. Take a small table and put them on like an ambulant store, with a price tag for each object. Then give some coins to the child and teach him how to buy. Depending on his age and his interest for maths, you can use simple pricing first, like candy = 2 coins. Later you can use real pricing like candy = 14 cents.
Let her have limited money or limit the objects she can buy each day. This way she will have to decide what to spend the cash on and will also show you more about her temperament.

What's in the hat?
Take a winter hat and hide in some small object your child is familiar with. It can be figurine, coin, barrette, dice, spoon and so on. Without looking, by using only the touch, ask her to insert the hand in the hat and identify the object. First she will be very tempted to look, so be careful. Help and give hints when she cannot guess. Repeat with different objects or make her hide something for you. It's a great game for both fun and imagination development.
Hot/cold hidden object
Hide an object somewhere in the house. The child should be in another room or blindfold. Then ask her to find the object. Whenever she gets closer to the location where it's hidden, give her hints like "warm", "hot", "very hot" - depending on how close she is - "very hot" = you almost found it. When she is far or moves away, tell "cold".
After the object was found, change roles and make her guide you this time.

Enjoy! And remember that your enthusiasm is sometimes the key to make the child interested in the game.

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