Sunday, May 17, 2015

How to protect yourself against keyloggers?

A keylogger will record everything you type so whoever installed it will know all your emails, conversations, logins, passwords and so on. Therefore if someone wants to spy on you, a keylogger is the first choice.

So you need to protect yourself and you are probably thinking of an anti-virus. But it is not enough and you should not rely on it! Even if you are 100% that your operating system is clean, there may be hardware keyloggers installed which could be impossible to detect. Don't panic, you have a few solutions:
  1. You can use a virtual keyboard such as It is a Click-N-Type keyboard designed for anyone with a disability, but it can be used against keyloggers, simply by clicking keys with the mouse whenever you have to write sensitive information such as passwords. Yes, it will be hard to write an email like this.

  2. If you are familiar with Linux, you should make a copy of Knoppix(Knoppix is a bootable Live system on CD/DVD). Boot your computer with this and no matter how many keyloggers there are, you have your own read only operating system so you are safe... unless there are hardware keyloggers for which you should use the previous solution.

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