Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Adding money into account

E-gold is one of the oldest internet payment system. The idea behind it is brilliant, nothing comes out, nothing goes in, it's just virtual money covered by real gold. They have an amount of gold( which may change depending on their investitions and strategies) but from the user's point of view you virtually have just some part of that gold and you can send it to other users and get goods or services in exchange. Some users are exchangers and they give you real money for the e-gold.

So, if you need to buy something with e-gold and you signup for e-gold but your account is of course with 0 balance, what you do? Simply you must find an exchanger. You give him money or kind of emoney such as: webmoney, paypal, epassporte, moneybookers, stormpay. The most important thing for you is to research if the exchanger is really trusted and not a scammer. With virtual money and specially with those non-refundable such as e-gold, scamming is not uncommon.

How to get e-gold with a credit card? very easy. Although most exchangers don't accept CC payments due to high fraud rate, if you have a credit card, it means you have a bank account so you can make a bank tranfer. With bank transfer you are much more trusted so you will get your e-gold if the exchanger is also trusted. I recommend one exchanger which I tested and succeeded: There you can do wire <-> egold <-> WMZ <-> etc.


Anonymous said...

Good post. You can fund an e-gold account with cash also if you are in the US and other countries. Several popular agents will direct you to Bank of America, Well Fargo or some other locations or cash deposit (under 2k) This is a very easy way to fund and fast also. Cash agents include: where direct cash deposits are accepted in:
Malaysia - Hong Leong Bank
Singapore - OCBC Bank
Philippines - Metro Bank
Bank of America
JPMorgan / Chase
Washington Mutual
Wells Fargo
Cash deposit in Canada
Malaysia Banks:
Cash Deposit at BCB
Cash Deposit at HSBC
Cash Deposit at Maybank
There are many more cash options available you just have to look for them, but very easy to do.

Anonymous said...

Here a good egold ebooks

Anonymous said...

I totally agreed with you. In actual fact the digital currency world is getting stronger & demanding now. You can get e-gold in any countries now.

You may try to use http;// as you e-gold exchanger if were to buy / sell e-gold in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

As reference from your site. I have tried one of your link reference . Good and fast funding service they provided, i get my funding in less than 1 hour. Not a bad try i could said.

Anonymous said...

I lost money using mynetgold,,becareful...this exchanger has become scam now