Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Fastest wheelie

Dave Rogers was one of the lucky ones to try it. He was able to do a wheelie with an average speed of 220,3km/h. The length of the distance he managed to keep his front wheel in the air was about a kilometer. Another crazy person… who holds the world record (Guinness Book Of World Records) is Billy “The Blind” Baxter. This guy managed to do a wheelie on his Kawasaki ZX-12 R at a speed of 265,3km/h but over a shorter distance. They both have my respects. But records aren’t broken only by adrenaline junkies here is a guy that did it out of pure pleasure: Emilio Scotto. This guy was able to ride his bike , a Honda Goldwing over a distance of 735000km in ten years. … I think he only got off his bike when he needed to eat and sleep. Or maybe only to sleep.

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Jason Ellis Show - Ellis Mania said...

I have been clocked at 155 MPH which is 249.44 KPH. I was going for the record but I could only get to the top of 5th gear and when shifting to 2nd the front wheel always dropped.

Corey R.