Saturday, January 27, 2007

Motorcycles with ABS: Honda

Honda is one of my favorite brands for both motorcycles and cars. It seems they are the most reliable brand in the world. And now they have decided something that will improve the safety of their bikes: introducing the combined braking system CBS-ABS. Their decision was to upgrade all of their new sport, touring models over 250 cc and scooters by the end of 2007 with this new braking system. I like this decision as I am sure more and more factories will adopt a similar upgrade for their bikes. The Dual-CBS system activates the braking off both wheels but with a different force. The Single-CBS system allows the separate braking of wheels but nonetheless the braking off the front (for example) will automatically trigger the soft braking of the rear wheel as well. This seems to be a very good decision for any motorcycle manufacturer because this will improve the safety of all us riders on the streets. Until now, over 2 millions Honda motorcycles have been equipped with this type of system. Be safe!

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