Saturday, January 27, 2007

Custom Bikes by Goldhammer

This great work of art was given birth by the known Canadian custom enthusiast Roger Goldammer. He said he wanted to harmoniously mix elements from classical as well as modern bikes. The result is “Goldammer Board Tracker” or “BTR-3” a true beauty in the world of motorcycles. This bike incorporates the classic look of a board-track-racer (the kind of bike that was used to race over an oval board track… a very dangerous type of race in case one of the racers crashed because of the boards) and the modern technical characteristics of a V-twin engine. The frame is only apparently rigid, the rear spring is hidden somewhere beneath the seat and one can only be blinded by the beauty of a V-twin Evo of 1640cmc mounted on a 20’s looking bike. This bike won the title of World Champion in 2004.

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