Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Keyboard without windows special keys

It's seems so hard to get a classic keyboard nowadays. Specially on USB. All keyboards are filled with useless multimedia buttons. And every keyboard has some special keys put differently. Whenever I switch computers I need time and concentration to avoid mistakes. I would love to have a keyboard like I used to have in 1995. No special windows keys, a simple 101/102 keyboard.


Anonymous said...

Go to they brought the rights to the original IBM model M keyboards and still manufacture them!

123 said...

Hi there Ana!

Like the previous poster said, you could very well go to that site and shell out for a brand new replica of an IBM Model M in the form of their 'Customizer' but they're quite expensive and international shipping practically doubles the cost. I advise you to ask around some local computer shops (preferrably privately owned, not part of a chain, the chance will be bigger there) for an IBM Model M. They don't have Windows keys, they practically defined the standard keyboard layout and the key response is excellent. Also, they are quite heavy, so they won't slide around your desk. If you're looking for an oldschool keyboard without Windows-keys that types with that classic old clickety clack, then you need an IBM Model M.