Friday, October 19, 2007

LinkWorth review

LinkWorth is a system where you can sell and buy all kinds of ads and text links. I tried them for a couple of months and I would not recommend them to anyone else. First of all their system is quite complicated and you rarely actually sell something although you spend a lot of time to list your sites.

The worst part of the program was their affiliate system which didn't trace any single referral! And I had like 800+ targeted webmasters who followed my links so it's almost impossible that none of them actually signed up.


Anonymous said...

I make a ton with Linkworth. It would seem to me that you didn't take the time to figure it out.

The affiliate program, they just changed it and there are pending and active referrals. They pay $50 for active, what is wrong with that.

Just do a search on google for "make money with linkworth" and see how many other people are doing quite well.

It could also be your site not being that strong and the fact you don't have your own domain name. That should be your first step if you want to do well, get your own domain.

Anyhow, my thoughts to this post.

Roger said...

If you want good service, don't expect it at Linkworth. Ron Wicker isn't worth his salt. A company shouldn't be so split down the middle as to whether or not people like it. Ron Wicker isn't too intelligent. Look around and you will find that the competition is better and more deserving.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like LinkWorth should be called Stinkworth. I've heard too many negative comments.