Saturday, October 13, 2007

Why Amazon Associates Program Rocks

I was very skeptical when I first joined the Amazon affiliate program. The commissions seemed very low comparable to others programs that give 50% or even more. But there are some reasons which make the program very good:

1) Amazon gives XML feeds for a lot of products, more than anyone else in the market. They also have reviews and descriptions in the feeds so you can create user and search engine friendly pages using them.

2) In your Amazon pages you can run Kontera and Adsense increasing your revenue lot. Adsense+Amazon+Kontera is one of the best user friendly combo you can use.

3) Amazon is a serious company and they will always pay.

And what is bad about amazon:

1) They don't offer alternative payment methods such as paypal, egold or moneybookers

2) They pay quarterly

3) They should give higher commissions and better stats reports.


Anonymous said...

Why should Amazon give higher commission rates? All you're doing is putting a link on your page - you're not actually selling the book or shipping it or anything.

I'm not saying you *shouldn't* get a higher rate - I'm just asking why you think you should get more. Is there a lot of work to do this? It seems like free money to me.

Ana Aman said...

The reason is that other programs give more and you don't have to do more either, just setup some pages with links. Some give like 70%. Of course many of these programs sell questionable items/services but there still are serious programs who give more than 4-7%.

Anonymous said...

Hey...if you get a chance, check out linkworth

PuReWebDev said...

Just following up on this post, Amazon has now switched to monthly payments, and doesn't have a minimum payout which is great for new associates.

I've been using the amazon associates program on a few websites I setup to show the latest online shopping deals. I talk more about amazon on my blog if you'd like to read more about it.