Saturday, June 03, 2006

Automatic and reciprocal link exchange, good or bad?

In the last years, many sites and directories started to offer automatic link exchange programs. Some ask for money while others ask for reciprocal linking. It is pretty clear that such programs and the sites involved don't have a shiny future because Google didn't introduced the backlinking system for being abused.

I tested some of these programs:,,, etc. The result? Getting 100 backlinks from these programs is worse than getting 1 single backlink from a PR4+ site "not flagged". By "not flagged" I mean a site which is not involved in automatic/reciprocal link exchange programs. I believe that search engines and I mean specially Google, identify the sites involved in these programs and flag them somehow. They don't get banned(at least not all of them) but their backlinks get ignored and their outgoing links too. Let's take for example They claim to have about 10,000 sites in their network. Each of them backlinks to By now, they should be about PageRank8, considering they are also promoting their service by many other ways. But they are only PR6 and I have a feeling that they gained this Page Rank only from directories, forums and blogs where people talk about the program. The 10,000+ sites involved are flagged and they don't pass Pagerank.

So if you are looking for a long term result for your site, don't involve in these "easy to gain backlinks" programs. Remember that the most effective way of getting back links is to make a site actually useful, then people will backlink to it without any incentive.

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Dr Doc dlcs said...

Realy enjoy your blog and you post valuable information. I have posted reciprocal links and still only get minamal hits. I am on a fixed income, crippled from parkinsons disease and don't have $ to spend on advert. It is all like rocket science to me and very expensive and who to trust these days? I guess i give the trade out a free ride if i ever get lucky and get useful hits and comments. lol, Most all the hits i get are from me, checking to see if anyone has visited. Oh well, i'm following you now cause your blog looks so very professional. Great job! Thank you, Dr Doc dlcs