Friday, June 09, 2006

Enom put REGISTRAR-HOLD because of inaccurate whois info

Although the email was correct, one day I have found that one of my domain was not working(it had the REGISTRAR-HOLD flag). I wrote to my registrar which was actually an enom reseller and he told me to contact enom directly. Enom has only 12 working hours/day so I had to wait until next day. The next day I wrote about 3 emails which and got no reply in about 10 hours so I decided to call them. After 2 phone calls where they told me the problem is because of false whois information, I waited 10 more hours for the whois team to reply by e-mail and the domain was finally working again.
So if you are using Enom or one of their resellers, I suggest you to think twice before using fake whois info.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, we just had the same problem. For some reason, they suddenly put our Domain name on hold. Out of the blue, without warning. It took us 12 hours to figure out what went wrong. By then, it was the weekend and NO ONE was at work at ENOM, no tech support, nada. We went through Linked In, found all the people we knew who were connected to ENOM and made some personal appeals to the CTO and CEO. We did get through and our site went live again minutes after we reached someone.