Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Heroes Of Might and Magic 5 Artifacts

I've spent the last two weeks playing the Heroes of
Might and Magic V(HOMM5) campaigns, and i write this not
so much to share my thoughts on it,
but to try at least to help those who find the lack of
information or description on some particular items
as annoying as i do.
Of course, this is not the major issue in the game,
but if all the people who discover anything new about
such an item would contribute to this mini-database
it would be awesome. It would be useful, at least
until Nival&Co. decide to polish the oh-so-small (?)
details of the game.
So , here it goes:

Ring of Caution : +2 Hero Attack, +2 Hero Defense
Tunic of the Carved Flesh : +3 spellpower, -1 morale
Helm of Chaos : +3 knowledge, -1 Defense

Of course, i couldn't (oh well, i could have, but too
complicated in the middle of the game ) detect any
properties that could manifest during the battles,
like particular spell improvements,
enemy penalties or movement bonuses.But if anyone
knows more about these or other items similar to
these, he/she should feel free to add it/them here.

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Anonymous said...

The ring of caution also takes -1 speed from all the units in your army.