Thursday, June 08, 2006

PHPMyAdmin freezes on databases with too many tables

If you are using phpmyadmin on a database with more 1500 or more tables, you may experience problems. The page will not load at all so you will not be able to operate propery with phpmyadmin.

Of course you can still run commands from a terminal or console but it is not as confortable as using phpmyadmin.

After digging a lot in the config.default.php filesand trying diferent results and limits for various variables, I found out that problems comes from PHP itsels. So the first thing you should do, is to raise the memory_limit in php.ini . It worked for me.


Anonymous said...


This has been bugging me. My Wordpress database has 2,500 tables so I put the memory setting up to 64M and phpmyadmin works a treat.


Mohan said...

Thanks pal. It saved my day.