Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Peakclick PPC program review

A few months ago I have discovered Peakclick.

I was very skeptical, because almost all PPC programs I tried before were not even making 30% of adsense. Once you login, one of the first thing you notice on Peakclick is the top webmaster section where you see that some guys are making $2000/day with the program. So you say "yes, it is possible" and give program a try. First you don't make so much, since after you join you have the "Not Approved" flag which prevents you from getting all ads. However, in a few weeks you get approved and income starts to raise.

One of the best part of this program is that you have a lot of freedom. You can use javascript codes, XML feeds, premade google doorways, etc. You can even create some kind of adsense codes by generating feeds automatically based on page keywords.

Another good thing about program is that you get paid twice a month, even more often if you make requests and many payment methods are supported such as: Epassporte, wire transfers, Webmoney, Western Union, check by mail, Fethard.

In my opinion this is the second program after adsense that you should use(I didn't check YPN yet).


every1can said...

I tried to explore further on PeakClick, seems good.

Just wondering if they have something similiar to Adsense?? or their ads are different?? I they have CPC type of ads??


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Эта замечательная PPC зародилась летом 2005 года. Благодаря чистой выдаче и высоким бидам становится всё более популярной.

При регистрации необходимо будет выбрать валюту (Currency), в которой рассчитываются значения бидов. На мой взгляд выбор US Dollars будет разумным. Именно в долларах обычно производятся операции и в этом случае мы не теряем на конвертации. Далее в поле Give your website address нужно указать адрес адрес Вашего фида. Если такого не имеется, указываем Далее в Please describe your traffic sources необходимо указать откуда идёт траф. Если с дорвеев, то пишем коротко SE, если трафик рекламный, т.е. Advertising, то пишем Advertising.

Anonymous said...

Very recommended PPC program. Very positive feedback, regular payouts.

We have written cool widget for iGoogle Homepage with PeakClick Stats:

Anonymous said...

Very recommended PPC program. Very positive feedback, regular payouts.But "In order to receive your first payment, you have to contact us and explain in detail the source of your traffic. Once we receive and approve this explanation, you will be able to receive payments. Rest assured that all the clicks you send while your account is pending approval are being counted accurately. The clicks are displayed in your stats console."

Anonymous said...

PeakClick is the most flexible and user friendly. Get paid every 15 days, High quality customer service and technical support.

Admin said...

peakclick and adsense on same page?
any suggestion?