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World Of Warcraft how to make cash tips

World Of Warcraft how to make cash tips

The only place where you can double your money in 2 days is Auction House, where you can make profit even without farming, only with a few silver to invest on cheap listed items which you will resell later for higher prices. You can also go for speculations between Gadgetzan AH and your usual AH. Farming such as Scarlet Monastery is only about (or mostly about) luck and waste of time, therefore is not recommended.

Here is a list with 7 easy ways of getting money:

1) Get Enchanting and Tailoring as professions. First go farm some linen, wool, silk, etc. Then make as many green items as possible. Disenchant them and put the essences and dusts on AH. It will take you no fee for listing, so you can list for high prices without losing money if they dont sell.

2) Farm elementals. If they are low level they will drop elemental fire, elemental earth, elemental water or elemental air which are used on many professions and will sell good on AH. Higher level elementals will drop heart of fire, core of earth, globe of water and breath of wind. All these also sell good on AH. And if you decide to go for the highest level elementals, you have chance to get essence of fire, essence of earth, essence of air or essence of water. A single such essence could sell around 10 gold or higher, depending on the server where you play.

3) Go to AH and buy cheap green items(without buyout, just bid on those listed for low) and you will eventually get a lot of them for a small amount of money. Disenchant then all and list the resulted materials back on AH.

4) Get Herbalism and Alchemy professions. Watch the AH on your server to see if herbs or potions sell better. Even low level herbs such as Briarthorn could sell for 40s a peace(not 1 stack). Always list the herbs in the quantity of 1 and not 20 stacks. If some potions are selling good(like frost oil) go gather as many herbs possible for those potions and make them.

5) Are you a herbalist? Do you know what Ghost Mushroom is? Do you know that on some servers you can sell a single piece for 1gold+ ? Go to the dungeon in The Hinterlands and gather as many as you can, this will be one of the quickest way to make money. While you wait for the herbs to respawn, go kill some trolls, they have chance to drop Wildvine, which also sells for 1 gold on most servers. Some of those troll camps also have treasures.

6) Planning to get a mount? Don't forget to get a seargent pvp rank first and honored state so you can get it much cheaper. Others which are not pvp rank or honored need mount? you can buy for them and also keep some cash for yourself since it will make it worth for both parties.

7) Get Skinning profession but always keep in mind that you must stay as much possible on areas where there are many beasts(The Barrens, Thousand Needles, Desolace, Swamp of Sorrows, Dustwallow Marsh, Ungoro Crater). Hunting the yellow turtles from Hinterlands would be very easy and you could get lots of turtle scales, which would sell good on AH.

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