Monday, August 13, 2007

Air Pollution

The Earth is changing permanently, it has always been changing, but no matter the reasons we, humans, must be really stupid not to see that the way it's changing now it's not for our benefit. The skeptics may argue it's not entirely our fault for the way things are going, that the pollution it's not the main cause, and the human factor isn't decisive for the future of our planet, but after all, it's pretty simple: do something about it or die. The human race can't live in a too unpredictable environment, although its success as a race has been determined by its adaptability too, so I think it's obvious that something must be done. And, as a matter of fact, if we are responsible for the climate changing, through pollution, it would be easier - so to say - to reduce it and find alternative ways of living without damaging the complex system that it's our home, than interfering with a natural process that we didn't cause and we are way to limited in technology to handle. So, I hope it's clear that denial isn't the right reaction to this problem we face. And if there are some people thinking that they'd never face those horrible predictions in their lifetime anyway, I must point that this isn't about the future only, it's a health problem, a money problem, even a life and death problem for those jeopardized by the floods, the increasing number of hurricanes, cyclones and all kind of storms, droughts and other natural phenomena that are intensified or created indirectly by human actions. In short, we are affecting planet Earth and it bounces back at us. It's not good for us now, it won't be in the future. We can stop it by reducing pollution - it's the most immediate way for us, as simple citizens, to avoid a grim outcome of our civilization development.
What to do? Petition the government to take measures, save as much fuel as you can by walking instead of driving (if it's a 2 miles distance, I'm sure you can do that) or by buying a smaller car, with a not-so powerful engine - not all people live at a ranch! there are hundreds of car models for different purposes, use every one of them as designed! What else? recycle, turn off the light when nobody's in that room, use the AC rationally (this will contribute to avoid the power cuts under heavy usage too), use green energy if possible - consider installing some solar panels for your home, they're not only Earth friendly, they make energy cheaper too! Etc., etc.
All I want to happen in the near future is, after all, for people to start caring. Not just a bunch of Greenpeace people, but all! The air pollution affects everybody, and all the future generations will suffer if we do nothing. Acknowledge this, before it's too late!

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