Thursday, August 09, 2007

Carnivorous Plant Venus Dionaea

carnivorous plant
About 2 months ago I bought a carnivorous plant. I was dreaming to have one since I was a kid, but I never thought I could actually find one. They don't seem to grow here in Europe and I was also thinking they require some conditions I could never offer. I have finally found this and bought myself one. It was not looking pretty well when I brought it home. First I tried to give it a dead fly, eventually one of the trap accepted it. But unfortunately the next day the trap reopened and the fly was not digested. I then researched and found out that you need to give it alive insects or at least try to move them a little with a tiny stick after you feed the plant so everything looks natural. The plant is quite smart and if you give it a dead insect it will not start the digestion because naturally it captures only alive insects and they move a lot after the trap is closed, confirming to the plant it was a moving insects and efforts for digesting are worth starting.
I have read on the Internet it likes plenty of water, so I gave it. It grows very well now, and in two months it got 2-3 x bigger and it also started to blossom. I've heard you should not let the flower grow, but since the plant looks very strong, I decided to let her grow the plant, eventually to make seeds.
In this period I also gave it many flies and a grasshopper. Some traps didn't reopen after digestion, while others opened and no longer accepted more insects. Very few reopened and accepted another meal.
venus dionaea

I am now waiting for the flower to blossom and I really hope the plant won't get weaker after this. I'll keep you posted on how things will evolve. There seem to be one or two more little plants near the root but I don't want to separate them, at least not yet.

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