Tuesday, August 14, 2007

jumpstyle radio

I was really bored yesterday and called a friend to hang out with and even tho I don't usually fancy the kind of music she listens to, this time it was something different, as she brought some wacky jumpstyle mp3s of Jeckyll & Hyde, DJ Mystery and some others I cant remember and we danced til we dropped :) It was fun, really, she showed me that indescriptile special way of dancing on this kind of music. Now I'm considering having this at my birthday party next week, til then, I'll look for
some jumpstyle radios too see if it was just the moody yesterday's fault for me liking it :P
Later edit: I found two radios that play jumpstyle : http://www.fearfm.be and http://www.jumpstation.be , both from Belgium, hehe, coincidence or not.

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