Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mars Temperature

mars planet
Although Mars is the next planet from the Sun - Terra is the third in our solar system, Mars is the fourth -, it's nothing like our home Earth. Its common temperatures range in the -30 degrees Celsius, it's very dry, with only traces of water present, with very little oxygen in the atmosphere (there is more than 90% carbon dioxide and about 0,13% oxygen) there are very unfriendly conditions for human life. Even so, in a very optimistic perspective, humans could transform it in a second home, but I think the effort that would be required would be much more than the one needed to preserve Earth in a life sustaining state. Let's say that Mars's temperature is the least of rhe problems, what could we do about the low concentration of oxigen? Colonize the planet with plants an transport the water needed for them to grow? At -30 degrees?...Maybe some lichens? And the water we'd need? Hmm, it really makes me wonder. For now, it seems like humanity is in the scouting stage, but maybe if the nations could really cooperate...That's the hardest part, I think. We haven't earned that much form history, and the international conflicts are still there, and as long as humans are divided, they cannot conquer the skies...

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