Monday, August 13, 2007


Coming from the same i-Dog and i-Cat series, i-Fish is the first option now
for those who like aquatic animals more. Another cute and can-do-without product for teens to wish for, another marketing smart move...well, it's the world we live in today and maybe it's not that bad after all. Better to buy a dancing, flashing dolphin-fish metis than a g un, or drugs, right? From what I've read, the I-fish isn't that cravy for the owner's attentions a the I-Dog is, which suits me perfectly, as I dislike the relations in which is unclear who's owning who. If I have a I-thing, I'd like it to be a little independent and be able to cope with me not being there all the time :)
Back to the flashy thing, I must admit I like the way it looks, and from the movies of it swimming around and flashing its lights to the music it "hears", I can say I'd like to receive one for my birthday next week. (Hint, hint) I know it's a bit pricey for what it does - around $40 -, as it's not even a music player, all it does is, as I said before, moves around, flips its tail while lighting the spots on its skin, all to the sound of music.
One thing I don't like about the I-Fish is its color, I'd prefer a black one, I wonder if they make it in any other color than white or chrome? Hopefully.

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