Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I was searching for a p2p file sharing client some time ago, but gave up when I saw that most of them don't have a guarantee for no adware, spyware or bundled software, plus the thing I needed some platform independent soft, as I don't like constantly changing them , one for my laptop, than runs Fedora, one for my desktop, with Windows, and my dad's Mac...So I finally got limewire, it's written in java, so it's ok in respect to this point, it works anywhere there's a JVM. I've already tried it and I must say it's really great to have a download preview, it really helps in avoiding getting something named as the thing you're looking for, but being in fact a completely different thing, usually adult movies or just some other pointless crap. There's a nice searching filter implementation too, and some more features I haven't got to know yet, as it's still fresh for me. Well, all good and such, I just hope the legal issues related to copyright won't bring it down, cause it's pretty nice. And what's up with limewire.com.au ?

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