Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ventrilo Mix

I finally decided to install Ventrilo for my Wow guild runs, but some people recommended teamspeak too, so I thought I'd get them all into one, so I went for this Ventrilo Mix, which in its version 5 has Ventrilo 2.1, Ventrilo 2.2, Ventrilo 2.3 and TeamSpeak 2 all in one install. On its download page ( I found it here : http://www.techhaven.org/component/option,com_docman/task,doc_details/gid,18/Itemid,39 ) it mentiones uninstalling previous versions of vent before putting this up, but it wasn't my case. It also says that it can remember server configs from vent, sounds cool, but again, not my case yet.

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