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Chromaggus Strategy (WoW)

Chromaggus is a dragonkin boss from World of Warcraft located in Blackwing Lair, right before Nefarian.

Things to know about Chromaggus:

1.Breath Attacks
In each new instance, Chromaggus will use two of five possible breaths, and they will only change when the instance is reset. These attacks affect everything in Chromaggus' LoS.Every 30 seconds one of the 2 chosen breaths is being cast, alternatively. The breaths are:

* Corrosive Acid- Deals 875 to 1125 Nature damage every 3 sec for 15 seconds. Armour reduced by 3938 to 5062.
* Frost Burn - Attack speed reduced by 80%. Does approximately 1400 Frost damage.
* Ignite Flesh - 657-843 Fire damage every three seconds for 60 seconds. This can stack if he casts it again within the 60 seconds the debuff lasts for.
* Incinerate - 3675-4275 Fire damage. Huge crits.
* Time Lapse - Stun for 6 seconds, reduces maximum health points to half. Erases the aggro list and heals the ones affected when it wears off. You will need 2 tanks when you get this one.

The most common thing to do is use an offtank to gain the aggro and move out of line of sight right before time lapse. The rest of your raid will be in the line of sight. This method will reset the aggro on everybody affected by Time Lapse, letting the offtank take the no.1 position in Chromaggus' hate list.A healer out of LoS could be necessary to heal the OT at this point. When the Time Lapse is wearinf off, the offtank should take Chroma back to the point where the MT is and continue to hold him until the MT regains the aggro.

2. Brood Afflictions
* Black (Curse) - Fire Damage increased by 100%
* Blue (Magic) - Movement slowed by 70%. Casting speed reduced by 50%. 50 mana drained per second.
* Bronze - 4 second stun at random intervals for 10 minutes. Can only be removed with Hourglass Sand.
* Green (Poison) - Healing reduced by 50%, 250 Nature damage every 5 seconds.
* Red (Disease) - 50 Fire damage/3s. Heals Chromaggus on death.

Only one is not removable, the bronze one, all of the others can be removed by druids, priests, mages, shamans, paladins, felhunters. All of the raid will get these and if they are pretty nasty by themselves, just wait to see what happens when all 5 of them are cast on the same player! Assign people to manage this, so that in any moment given, no raid member should have more than 3 afflictions.
MT (and OT, if it's the case), the hunters and MT's healers must have enough Hourglass Sand to last throughout the entire battle, if Chroma has the Time Lapse breath or to last long enough in order to be sure MT doesn't lose aggro. The other classes don't have to remove the bronze affliction, they just have to obey the "retreat rule" described further below, so they don't get stunned in LoS right before a breath attack.

3. Frenzy
It's a periodical ability that Chromaggus uses and must be kept under control by hunters' tranquilizing shots (create a predefined order in which the hunters tranquilize). This is the reason why the hunters must have Hourglass Sand, as a frenzy can kill the MT and this usually means a raid wipe.

4. Enrage
At 20% health, Chromaggus will enter a 'enraged' state that lasts the remaining of the fight (he can still frenzy).At this point, the healers who were taking the Time Lapse shouls stop and keep the MT alive, the OT with the one healer assigned wouldn't be enough.

5. Shimmer
Chromaggus' skin can "shimmer", event anounced by an emote. The vulnerability to a particular school of magic is changed when this happens, and it is mandatory to know to which one. If you have CTRA it will help you know when his vulnerability changes and identify it when it is found.If not, assign a mage for checking fire, one for frost, one for arcane, a warlock for shadow; if none identified, it must be the nature vulnerability. This must be detected very fast, as it's crucial for the dps. Pay attention, though, nou to overnuke and cause a loss of aggro off the MT.

The fight:
There are many places in BWL where Chromaggus can be successfully fought. The round ramp, the staircase between supression rooms, in the gate
to the octagonal room he originally stands are all good spots.As the breaths must be avoided by all, the place must have enough corners to allow movinf in and out of Chromaggus' LoS. MT - must know the spot Chromaggus is supposed to be most of the fight and keep him there, building aggro. Healers - should stay out of Chroma's LoS but in MT's LoS, healing him , excepting the Time Lapse; remove debuffs (must be agreed who removes what off whom). When a Time Lapse aproaches, get into LoS to reduce your aggro, then get back on your out of LoS place. DPS-ers - "Retreat Rule": set an add-on (or any other method is good as long as you receive the warning) to warn about an incoming breath 8 seconds before it is produced. When you get the warning, RETREAT out of LoS, let the attack pass and run back to do some more dps. DO NOT wait for the thing you were doing to be finished (casting a spell, shooting an aimed shot...), cancel it and run when you're being warned! This is because the bronze affliction combined with a breath attack can easily get you killed. The casters assigned to detect the current school of magic vulnerability should anounce it to the whole raid asap. The hunters assigned to control the frenzy must watch for their turn and , in case they are afflicted by the 4 seconds stun they must use a Hourglass Sand and quickly tranquilize Chromaggus.Every DPSer is expected to bandage when gets the chance, as the healers would be very busy healing the tank(s) and dispelling, decursing, you got the point.

As in any other fight, consumables are necessary and highly recommended - bring potions, bandages, Felwood's goodies etc.(hmm, i don't know about the engineering stuff, really :D)

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