Saturday, September 08, 2007

proxy avoidance

Many people concerned about their privacy are searching for cgi
proxies, which hide the client's IP from the web site the client is accessing, as well as breaking the possible interdiction set in accessing the wanted site. All good, the problem is finding these proxies, especially finding the ones that can be trusted not to expose the users to any risk or inconvenience. What i'm talking about is the false security feeling the proxies offer, when one thinks he's hiding and his data are impossible to be revealed; in fact, some of the info passed to a proxy might not be encrypted, and if the info we're talking about is a login/password couple these may lead to big problems if the proxy's owner is not so well intended as you thought he was. And the rapid blocking of the sites offering proxy avoidance is not helping either, but that's not quite a risk, but more of a pain in the ass.

I found a nice site related to this : Nice,
Ubuntu reference :P

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