Friday, September 21, 2007

Soccerproject review, tips and tricks

Are you bored? Do you like soccer? Then you should try It's an online soccer manager game, with an unique simulation module and the classic features for a soccer manager: stadium maintenance, staff, players, training, advertising, transfers, league/cup and friendly games. Unlike other managers, there is an official game each day and 3-4 friendly games daily. Players train 5 times a day. The game comes in many languages, the game report contains repetitive generated comments and the tactics part, well it's just about some numbers. The game is totally unrealistic, I mean you almost always know which team is going to win, before the game takes part. You can even predict the score proportion. So there are no tactics at all, just optimization and management. The only online soccer game which had some advanced tactics and some replay of the games, it's, but it's interface is not so friendly.

Anyway, the most important tip is to use SPMT (SoccerProject Management Tool) which is a tool that can help you learn more about your team and to use the best formation and players available. Also can help you use the best individual options for maximum performance. It takes count of all players properties (Experience, Aggression, Morale, Fitness, Stamina, Ballcontrol, Speed, Passing, etc) thing which could be hard to do manually.

It is very disappointing that in this stage of the game, it seems like every tactic is about taking max of your team and does not count on the opponent. Normally you should do all the best to counter his formation and tactics, but instead you just have to make your team get the maximum performance and eventually you win.

But the good part is they continue to develop the game engine so after some time, maybe we'll have better tactics engine.


Anonymous said...

If you can predict the score in a soccerproject match, I will hire you to be my assistant manager :-D Maybe SoccerProject doesn't have that strong emphasis on using tactics to counter your opponent, it's still an exciting game. (I have been totally hooked since the start in 2004!)

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right on the complete lack of tactics. There's a very small random factor involved, and you never lose a match against a team with (far) less quality players.

Also, playing 5-4-1 or 4-3-3 doesn't make any difference in the amount of goals you score or conceed.

The other big drawback is the anti-cheat policy, which is completely ineffective. Playing with Dial-up in Eastern Europe still pays off, and (far too) cheap transfers aren't taken care of.

Bad game.