Tuesday, September 11, 2007

online ecurrency exchange(e-gold,paypal,moneybookers,wmz)

Many need at some point to exchange one type of e-currency to another. Personally I had e-gold and wanted to get moneybookers because it was easier to withdraw. I couldn't find a trustable site, so I tried a forum. I found some guy who was very old on the forum(2+ years) and had good reviews in reputation from previous exchanges. I was new in the forum so I had to send first. Everything went well and within 10 minutes, he sent me back the money in my moneybookers account. But surprise, after a few days, my moneybookers account was locked. Why? because the person I traded with, was using a 3rd party. He did not sent me the money from his own account, but he put someone else to do it, someone who was probably using questionable ways of getting those money. So, if you ever do online ecurrency exchanges, beware not only of getting ripped, but beware about having your account blocked/closed. This specially applies to paypal and moneybookers. In order to be safe you have to take these steps:

1) Find a reputable trusted person to trade with. If you find a site, check everything from domain whois, to domain age, user reviews, etc.

2) Ask the person you trade with if he will make the payment from his own account, otherwise refuse to do the transaction(a 3rd party may not be as honest or trusted as he is).

3) If you need moneybookers or paypal, make sure you have first withdrawn all your money from the account so in case it will be blocked/locked/closed, you don't use even more e-money beside those traded.


Anonymous said...

But forum exchanges always has very large scam probability. So, make exchange with a reliable and famous company like GloboXchange.com or autocambist.


Maya Freeman said...

I have been lucky to find your blog here, I have also that problem exchanging e-gold in moneybookers, there is also a site that I found but their fee is minimum 5$+1% of amount of making transaction, so I must exchange very big sum for not feeling that high fee..
I will try with new exchanger company that is about to arrive in my country..
Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

Hello everybody,

I have found a new website to exchange e-money (Moneybookers and Paypal).

Yesterday, i have exchange $10 Moneybookers to $10 Paypal for only 1.65 and i have just received the money into my paypal account !

It so a great service. You receive the money within 24 hours.


Gert said...

I have used Moneybookers for a long time as well as recommend them to others.

When I had 8000 on my account Moneybookers stole my money, then faked it with break of TOS and kept the money as "compensation".
They are not a bank, police can not do anything, contract is made so anyone using their service have no rights.

My advice is to leave Moneybookers before this happen, Internet is full of the same story, hundreds.

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Just Fun said...

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