Friday, September 14, 2007

"Outstanding" on epassporte online statement

It happened to me twice. I went to the ATM with my epassporte card, entered PIN, selected amount, but instead of money I got some error like "temporary unavailable". I go home, login into my epassporte account and find that the amount I selected is missing from my balance. So I got no money from the ATM, but they are not in my balance, so where are they? I look better and notice something like "outstanding" near that transaction instead of "matched" like on other transactions. I contacted epassporte, they send me a form to complete and asked to fax it. I waited for about 1 month, then got my money back. But if they detected this(and they did since all good withdrawals were as matched, only this one as outstanding) then why did it take one month to return the money?

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Anonymous said...

Hi this situation is happening to me now but epassporte did not return my mail. I still got money on epassporte but now i´m afraid that it might happen again and i´m trying not to withdraw the rest of the money I still got there until this situation is solved. How did you act? Did you still use epassporte even without the situation resolved?? my email is Thanks